Shop In Your Own Closet

Ever have days when you think “I have absolutely NOTHING to wear!” but your closet is already filled to the brim? You tell yourself that you need a new outfit but your wallet only contains money enough for food and your credit cards are all maxed out. Fret not fellow fashionistas and read on to find out how you can find new outfits just by “shopping” in your own closet.

The first thing you have to do to get more out of your wardrobe is to find inspiration.

Look through magazines and online sources for the latest trends and see how your clothes fit into these trends. Chances are, you already have these pieces inside your closet. You just never thought of pairing that white tunic with that printed skirt. You didn’t think they would look good together until your favorite celebrity wore them together. Companies like make it easier for you to search for inspiration by making sure that the content is relevant to your search.

fashionTry to mix and match different fabrics. The contrast between the two fabrics adds interest and texture to your wardrobe. Mix a flowy maxi dress with a leather jacket instead of your usual light sweater for a more edgy look. If you don’t have a leather jacket you can use a denim jacket to make your look more laid back. Try mixing things that don’t usually go together like lace and velvet or silk and leather. You might be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out.

Wear your clothes in different ways. We’ve all heard of scarves being used as tops or skirts but did you know that you can use that tube top as a skirt and vice versa? Find creative ways to use your clothes. Pin up long dresses temporarily to make a new short dress. Use headbands as belts or choker necklaces. Use that scarf again as a belt or loop them on your wrist as a makeshift bracelet. When you think out of the box and use your clothing for more that it was made for, then you make the most out of your clothing. In a similar way that would try different strategies to increase your search engine ranking, you should look for different ways to use what you have inside your closet too.

If you happen to have a brother, shop in his closet too! Just make sure to get his permission first before you raid his closet. A man’s closet is full of possibilities. They have tops and bottoms that you might never have though would look cute on you until you tried them. That graphic t-shirt of a famous film for example would look absolutely fabulous with your old leather skirt. Ever heard of boyfriend jeans? Well look into your brother’s jeans to find something similar. You might think that your brother’s clothes might be too loose in your size 2 frame but some fashion pieces are made loose and you can pull the look off.

mix up

Mix and matching pieces from different seasons are will also increase the size of your wardrobe. Think of how you only wear some clothing during the winter season or some only in the summer season. Mix and match items of clothing from different seasons that you feel would look good together and wear them proudly. Wear that summer blouse with that fall coat or those tights that you wear in winter with that sleeveless dress. Look for similarities in color and design so people will think they really do go together.

Lastly, forget the fashion rules. Fashion designers are continuously pushing the boundaries of fashion. They are turning clothes inside out and upside down just to bring something fresh and new to the table. Don’t be afraid to be your on fashion designer and do the same. Mix your plaid skirt with that polka dot shirt or wear that flowery dress with that wool coat. You might start a new trend just by doing things differently.

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