First of all, thank you to all the readers and supporters of this blog. I truly appreciate your kind reviews. I have been doing my best in keeping this blog up to date and it just gives me joy that what I am sharing about my life, may it be trivial to some or not, is providing inspiration and encouraging you to go out there and make your own statement about your life.

In this blog, my readers get regular updates on the different aspects of my lifestyle. I post about my OOTDS. This is where I share with you guys my outfit of the day! You can also see my OOTDS on my Instagram and Twitter account. I get my ideas from many celebrities and other popular blogs, but most importantly, I try to put together outfits that you, my precious readers, suggest. Keep them coming guys!

I also talk about shoes – Shoes! Need I say more? I love my shoes and I love buying new shoes. If there is any pair that you think I need to try on, please feel free to leave comments down below. Regardless of the season, I love to add to my collection. Keep up with me regularly to see what’s new. I will do my best to also give you information about the price and where you can buy them online.

Accessories, no look is really complete without the matching accessories. You will see in my daily OOTDS which accessories go with what look, including BAGS. That’s right, bags. I give my humble opinions which bag can go with which shoes as well as don’ts. There are just some combinations that should never be a fashion statement.

Cosmetics and Skin Care. Where do I even begin on how important this is? Guys, skin care is important. You’ll definitely regret it in the long run if you take your skin for granted now. I provide regular updates on my daily skin care routine so you can check out my latest one now. As for cosmetics, I love providing you guys with reviews on what’s the hottest makeup product in the market and if they are actually worth the money. See my list of products reviewed at the top.

Latest Trends in Fashion, here, I just talk about which trends are in and which are out. I interact with my readers via the comment sections. Feel free to leave questions and I also welcome healthy disagreements.

My Monthly Favorites – All of us go crazy about one fashion item at one point during the month. It doesn’t even have to be a clothing item. It could be your favorite contour palette of the month. I share with you what’s mine.

Last but not least, My Life Updates – This where we get real with each other. From time to time, I will let you know if anything big is happening in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of my life’s wonderful moments.

Once again, thank you so much to my wonderful readers. I have been trying very hard to always come up with something new every day for you guys and I truly appreciate your love and support.

“Girl, I love how passionate you are about fashion. I visit your blog daily to get ideas for my outfits too. Many of us appreciate your advice on how to dress for different body types.”

“I read your blog mostly to read the reviews on cosmetic products. I have oily skin so I need to know which ones would work for me. Your blog is so informative. Keep it up!”

“I have followed you on Instagram and Twitter. I cannot miss an update on your blog. When I did, I felt like I was so left behind! I look forward to your posts during this spring time! Love you!”