How to sort out your day to day small feminine dilemmas

“What should I wear to this week’s party?”
“I don’t have anything to wear!”
“Should I wear this one or the other one?”
“I don’t think I will look good on this one.”

These statements are all too familiar for most girls, if I may say. Even I can relate to these. The feeling of not knowing what to wear on this week’s party, not having something to wear when your closet is full of clothes begging for you to wear them, the dilemma of which is one is better to wear, and of course, the feeling of not being to look good on something you want to wear. All of these are all too familiar and I might accuse you of being a liar if you said none of these has happened to you. I even have these kinds of dilemmas myself.

fashion imageThis is particularly one of the reasons why I started this blog out. To help you sort out all of these small feminine dilemmas. Andnow I am here, there is no need to fear. Your newest virtual best friend is here to save the day! Not the superhero kind of saving the day though but as the best friend I will try to be, I am here to help you pick out the best outfit that is suitable for you anytime and anywhere.

I do believe that every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.With all of the trends on fire today, I will help you sort out the different styles you are comfortable to strut with. Of course, it has to be comfortable on your end because it won’t be as good as it should be if you are not into it yourself.

I will also share with you different fashion trends over the course of time for you to have a wide range of choices for you to mix and match. It is also nice to experiment with different clothing once in a while. You get to discover which one goes better when matched with this one and a lot more.

But it is not just about the fashion trends I will most likely talk about all the time. The little things also matter. It is also important to know how to take care of your body: your skin, hair, health, and diet. It is also important to take a little break from all the stress life is throwing at you at this moment. And this is where hobbies come in.

fashonable clothesWe get to talk about the latest movie releases and sing along to songs that make us have the Last Song Syndrome. We also get to have little book talks for those who are into books. And for those who like to venture different parts of the world, I will also be sharing places worthy of visiting – places you might have not yet know that existed.

And of course, our favorite topic, food! I mean, who doesn’t like food? I honestly do think that this is something almost everyone has something in common. We also get to share some recipes of your favorite desserts or something to munch on when you are hungry in your home.

As they say, fashion isn’t simply about dresses. It’s literally in everything around us. Fashion is about ideas, lifestyles, and happenings.

If you are having a hard time dealing with all the shenanigans in life, I will also be sharing with you tips on how to deal with them like a real best friend would do. If you’re feeling down, I will be here cheering you up. Experiencing a certain situation and you just don’t know what to do or act around? I will be also sharing tips and advices on how-to’s and what-to’s when situations happen. Exactly like how a best friend should do.

Because beauty does not always have to come from the physical aspect, it also has to be from within. So, it is also important to be at ease and everything is in the equilibrium to bring out the beauty beast inside.

fashionable shoesI have always believed that the way you present yourself really does tell a lot about who you are as a person. I also do believe that it is in a girl’s nature to make herself look good even if initially you are not really the type of girl who tries to make up and look good. And I am excited to be part of something significant in other else’s life even if it is just in the little things like these.

When one has developed their own sense of style, it will always be a numerous times better never mind what fashion is trending now. And I am here to help you finding your true sense of style, to bring it out a little bit farther of your comfort zone even. You don’t need to have designer clothes for you to develop a good sense of style because it is never in the fashion that matters. It is all about you.

Always remember that girls don’t merely dress for boys. After all, if that’s your goal, well, you might as well walk around naked all the time – that’ll surely work.

See you on the next post but don’t forget to explore the blog’s other sections – surely you’ll find all sorts of fascinating things. Don’t forget to leave a comment, too! Ciao!

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