About Us

It has been every girl’s dilemma on what to wear and how to look every day. As a part-time lifestyle blogger and full-time fashionista, we welcome you to blogshe.net – a girl’s manual to everyday fashion! From what-to’s and how-to’s to the latest fashion trends, everything you seek are found right here. Blogshe.net will serve as your step-by-step on everything a girl aims to accomplish.

Fashion has always been our passion. Every day it is a fashion show and the world is your runway. And it is our job to make sure that you are going to turn a lot of heads when you strut your way to anywhere you go!


There’s always this time of the day where we just imagine ourselves wearing designer clothes to match with make-up that is on point. Whenever we pass by boutiques selling designer clothes and think that we can’t get those babies home, it makes us die a little bit inside. How we wish we could just switch lives -or maybe just the closets- with the fashion icons we look up to.

From clicking one lifestyle blog to another, it gives us the initiation to start our very own blog. Like what they said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

We think that it would be nice to help out from girl to girl. How we present ourselves on the outside tells a lot about who we are inside and it would be an honor to be part of bringing out the best of every girl, be it pertaining to the physical matters or even how we should act around in public.


Sharing from our own little nook in the internet society, blogshe.net posts collections of outfit inspirations perfect for different occasions and events we look forward to attend to, and even casual looks ideal for daily routines. For fashion is an art we deeply appreciate, we make sure we provide all the best looks fit for any style. Be it a simple one, elegant, or a preppy kind of style, you name it!

But we can’t always have everything, right? All those designer clothes that we think can only get as far as our eyes can see, and those killer shoes our feet can die for. Here at blogshe.net, we also share Do-It-Yourself tutorials that can always help you still look fabulous at an affordable expense.


We also feature the latest fashion trends. Looking for the perfect summer outfit-of-the-day look that is on the rise or maybe just a really cute pair of pajamas? We give it all right here!

Since fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, it is in the way you put these repeated ideas that matter. So, we also let you take a peek on the previous trends that you may like to revive, or mix and match with the latest trends. Here is your time to shine!


A woman’s face is an important feature that should be taken really good care of. Blogshe.net shares simple tips and tricks on how to look camera-ready. Yes, you name it! From taking care of yourself by maintenance to different make-up and hair tutorials, we all have these laid out for you. It is our guarantee to you that you will be the fairest lady with your camera-worthy look.


People notice you by how you look but they stay because of how you are as a person and blogshe.net strongly believes that beauty does come from within. Here at blogshe.net, we make sure to bring the best out of you. We share advices on what you can do and act around when certain situations happen to you.

With blogshe.net, you can be the most confident girl with a heart and those striking physical features.


Since we mostly talk about fashion, it doesn’t mean we don’t have room for other matters as well. For those who are aspiring to travel the world with their good sense of fashion, we feature places worthy to spend money on for you to relax and have the ultimate leisure pleasure.

For those who love music as much as they love fashion, we also feature the latest music releases perfect for any mood, anytime. For movie buffs, blogshe.net shares the movies that are out in your cinemas nearest to you. But if you are just staying at home, we also share movies perfect for you to watch with your family and friends.

Looking for your next read? We also give you suggestions on what to read next from the bestselling novels and series to novels or series that are fresh from the printing house all for those lovely bookworms out there!

Blogshe.net also features every girl’s guilty pleasure – food! Featuring different recipes on making your favorite things to munch on, we make sure to satisfy your every cravings.


Blogshe.net is owned by an average girl who aspires to be a stylist. She believes that style is essential because it tells other people who we are without uttering a word. She is here to help every girl bring out their sense of style that is waiting to get out of the comfort zone, not just on the physical aspect but also on the inside. And blogshe.net has made it possible.

Extending her helping hand virtually to other girls around the world, she can help others how to look their best and be the best they really are.